Quality Policy

In line with our vision, we are constantly improving our quality standards based on data and technology, making a difference with our products, reducing our costs in the long term and ensuring permanent customer satisfaction, and therefore our priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. For this purpose, to work with our suppliers in a team spirit, to improve our quality management system with continuous improvements and to produce quality-friendly, affordable services and products that respect the environment. It is our unchangeable rule to work together with our suppliers realized in line with our targets, to comply with the continuous improvements and quality management system of our country and our customers in all activities, to comply with the procedures and laws, and to minimize the risks that may arise from our employees, products and services.

As RC Endustri employees to realize this aim;

- To achieve excellence by increasing the efficiency in all our processes to the level that can compete internationally with the participation of all employees,

- Accepting both teammates as problem solvers and system developers by enabling individual development,

- To encourage innovative and creative approaches and to increase our efficiency continuously.

Environmental Policy
In order to leave a more livable world to the next generations, RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş. develops and implements projects aimed at raising awareness of the whole society, starting with its employees, for the protection of natural resources and sustainable development. In every sector that operates within the Company's field of activity, it is contributing to ensure that all its employees and all collaborated stakeholders are environmentally conscious and conscious individuals in order to establish a sustainable future with environmentally friendly practices and necessary precautions while configuring their business processes.

The basic principles of RC Endustri's environmental policy are as follows:

- To take proactive measures in all activities to prevent air, water and soil pollution

- To carry out studies that will ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities.

- To comply with the environmental aspects of the current national and international legal and other requirements.

- To contribute to the environmental work of non-governmental organizations "for a healthy environment"

- To reduce costs, increase efficiency and long-term profitability by working with suppliers on goods and services on the basis of cooperation and trust that will ensure quality, environmental awareness and work safety.

- In all projects carried out, works are carried out to minimize natural resource and energy consumption, to prevent soil, air and water pollution and to recover the wastes to the maximum extent with an environmentally friendly approach from the design stage to the delivery stage.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which we have adopted as RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş., is based on respect for people and the environment they live in. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is the top priority in every field where RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş. operates, expressing this understanding with the slogan "protect your health, protect your job". In order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, everyone is obliged to do what is necessary within their authority. One of our most important goals is to protect all our employees and the environment we live in against possible risks of our business.

In this direction;

- In the workplace and its add-ons; In order to ensure the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, visitors and company personnel working outside the office, taking all kinds of precautions in accordance with the OHS regulations and other OHS-related requirements, to ensure that it is used and to be used as required,

- To detect and eliminate unsafe situations and movements, possible accident risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its additions, by making an effective risk assessment,

- To identify the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, to ensure the health, safety and social well-being of employees, visitors, subcontractors of all levels, and to reduce any material and moral losses that may arise in the future.

- Training our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and ensuring that they have a good awareness of occupational health and safety,

- To ensure that the subcontractors and visitors serving at the workplace comply with the rules regarding occupational health and safety set by RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş.

- To transform RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş. into an exemplary company in terms of OHS practices, before affiliated institutions, chambers of industry and associations,

- Considering the development of the industrial world, to predict possible situations that may be encountered in the future from today, to constantly improve and review our situation,

- As our OHS policy, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of our OHS Management System, which has been established and is being implemented in this direction.