Freight Wagon

In accordance with UIC and TSI standards we manufacture;

Zacens type heated and insulated tank wagon

Zas wagon

All kinds of platform wagons

Ore wagons with high side walls

Passenger Wagon

We carry out integrated manufacturing of;

Passenger trains (DMU, EMU etc.)


Metro cars

Light rail system vehicles’

Both aluminum and carbon steel chassis and bodies, including fixtures, assembling, grinding and painting.

Road Vehicles

We design and manufacture semi-trailers, damper tankers (aluminum and steel) and their body and chassis components.

We also manufacture strategic components of special purpose machines and service vehicles.

Fixtures and Jigs

With our experienced team of engineers we design and manufacture fixtures and jigs with high precision which are required for serial production of the projects using different types and materials.


We manufacture Y25 type bogies, including parts, in compliance with UIC and TSI standards.

Maintenance & Repair

We are the Turkey’s and the region's leading private sector service provider with Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) certificate.

We provide maintenance, repair and overhauling services for an average of 1250-1500 freight wagons annually.